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January 2008


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Discipline-Based Art Education at its Best …
Chair Maquettes
(page 26-27)
Download a list of over 90 artists, to help students get started in their research.
(This list will download to your computer as a PDF file)

A Vase of … Sunflowers? (page 28-29)

To view Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings, go to:

Art Across the Curriculum: Reverence (page 34-36)

To learn more about Going Back (G.B.) Chiltoskey, the subject in Hubert
Shuptrine’s painting, “The Tribesman,” please visit:

Visit the official Hubert Shuptrine Web site at:

Clip & Save Art Print: Red Grooms “Slushing”
(page 37-40)

To learn more about Red Grooms, please visit:

To see examples of Red Grooms’ work, visit the following Web pages:

To view Red Grooms' watercolor version of “Slushing,” go to:

For information on how color lithographs are produced, visit:

Integrating the Curriculum: Corresponding with Artists
(page 44)

The following Web sites are good resources for quotes:

Volume Index (page 66-68)

To view the Volume Index online.

“eARTh... it’s got ART: Africa (page 45)
Click here for additional lesson plans


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