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January 2011


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Arts Update
(page 8-9)

The 2011 Blick Linoleum Block Print Contest
 For complete information, contest rules and entry forms, visit

For more information about the 2011 Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Contest, visit:

Check out the The Secret Life of Art Blog for more fun and facts. Visit view.aspx for more information.

To lean more about the J. Paul Getty Museum’s “Art Scoops,” visit :


Art Teachers I Have Known: Elliot Eisner
(page 18)

To read and share Elliot Eisner's "10 Lessons the Arts Teach," go to:



1 Great Question (page 20)

View and learn more about Henri Matisse's "The Red Studio":

View and learn more about Julius LeBlanc Stewart's "A Hunt Ball":

View Alber Bierstadt's "Merced River":

View George Tooker's "Government Bureau":

View Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks":

View David Alfaro Siqueiros' "Echo of a Scream":

View Vermeer's "Maler Im Atelier" (AKA "Die Malkunst"):



My Temple with a Frieze (page 22)

Related websites:

Please download the following instructions for making a Temple

Temple Instructions
>> click here to download a PDF of article

The articles are saved as a PDF file so you MUST HAVE Adobe Acrobat Reader
(6.0 or higher) to open and read them.
You can get Acrobat FREE from Adobe at the following address:



Learning from Exhibitions, Life in Ruins (page 24)

To view more of Maltby Sykes' art:

To learn more about Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns:



Clip & Save Art Print, The Polo Game (page 27)

For more information on Mughal painting and the Mughal Empire, visit:

Edgar Degas.)

Next, take students to the computer lab or library to learn more about Hamza via an excellent web resource from the Smithsonian Institution, “The Adventures of Hamza,” available at

The following elementary-level lesson plan is an excellent resource for further classroom activities focusing on Mughal painting:



Ralli Quilts of Pakistan … In Paper (page 32)

Visit the International Quilt Study Center & Museum’s online exhibition, "South Asian Seams: Quilts from India Pakistan & Bangladesh":



Haitian Tap-Taps (page 34)

A March 2010 PBS Frontline/Planet Money Special Report, "Solving the Tap-Tap Puzzle":
report from March 2010 PBS Newshour, "Haiti's 'Tap-Tap' Bus Art Flourishes After Quake":


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