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February 2012


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Clay Mask Workshop (page 14)

>> Click Here << to view more photos from David Gamble's Clay Mask Workshops.

Links to Photographs of Masks:

Venice Carnival Mask.

Greek Theater Mask.

Senufo Mask.

Goma Mask.

Biombo Mask.

Balinese Topeng Mask.

Tibetan Mask.

Chinese Shamanic Mask

Noh Mask.

Kyogen Mask.

Lucha Libre.Masks

The History of Venetian Carnival

Greek Theater Masks.

African Masks (Senufo, Goma, Biombo, etc)

Balinese Topeng Dance.

The History of Tibetan Masks

Shamanic Masks

The History of Noh Masks

Kyogen History

History of Lucha Libre.

Clip & Save: "In the Car," by Roy Lichtenstein Title (page 21)

For biographical information on artist Roy Lichenstein, visit:

View Roy Lichtenstein’s painting, "Wham!":

and "Drowning Girl":

View the online “Manga” tutorial video:

View the online video tutorial on drawing human movement in cartoon characters:

Sailing the Seven C’s to Better Painting: Contrast, Part I (page 25)

Visit the Student Web page connected to this article:


What A Character (page 36)

Visit this resource related to ceramic history of other cultures:

>> Click Here << To Download A PDF Of Tips And Suggestions.


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