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March 2009


Additional Links:

"M.C. Escher Portraits" (page 20)

To learn more about Escher and to view some of his art:

To view some of the works by Escher in the collection of the National Gallery of Art (look for "image available"):


"It's Raining Cats and Dogs: Learning About the Role of Pets in Impressionist Art" (page 22)

Pierre August Renoir, "Sleeping Girl with a Cat"

Pierre August Renoir, "Madame Georges Charpentier and Her Children

Pierre August Renoir, "Luncheon of the Boating Party"

Edgar Degas, "A Carriage at the Races"

Edouard Manet, "Young Woman in a Spanish Costume"

To learn more about responsibilities and issues associated with pet ownership, and interacting with animals:

Clip & Save Art Print: "Dawn in Paradise," by Kenny Scharf
(page 25-28)

To see a large selection of Scharf’s work, read a complete chronology and find other links to Kenny Scharf’s work, go to:

To learn more about artist Kenny Scharf and to see more examples of his work, visit the following Web sites:

To download an well-illustrated article about Kenny Scharf and his work:

"Walking through History: Edgar Degas in New Orleans" (page 40)

A video, "Degas In New Orleans," was filmed in the Degas House and is available from the Edgar Degas Foundation and is available online:

For more information regarding the Degas House:


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