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March 2011


Additional Links:


Art Across the Curriculum: Ellipse Clips
(page 20)

See more of artist Al Souza's work at the following gallery websites:

Show students images of Souza’s puzzle pieces:

The "Shrek" movie clip mentioned in the Performing Arts activity is available at:


Clip & Save Art Print, "Miniature Portrait of Jane Small"
(page 26)

A link through which a useful PDF is available as a resource for students to begin their research on the process by which Holbein created portrait miniatures is:


Behold … the Cow as Art
(page 32)

View Joe Fafard's public work, “The Pasture” (1985), at the Toronto Dominion Centre:


Pollock Without Paint?
(page 34)

View the Jackson Pollock paintings mentioned in this article at the following links:
"Enchanted Forest" (1947):

"No. 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)" (1950):

"Brown and Silver I" (ca. 1951):


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