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March 2012


Additional Links:


Arts Update (page 10)

Information about “Stuck at Prom”:

Information about “The Power of Art,”:

Information about the ArtsFest 2012:

Information about the Blick Art Materials’ Linoleum Block Print Contest:


Silky Sunflowers & Swirly Skies
(page 22)

View some of Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflower” paintings:

View The Starry Night:


Reflective Object: Capturing the Look of Metal (page 24)

Learn more about artist A.J. Fries and view some of his work:


“Wild Beasts” Roam the Art Room (page 26)

Learn more about “Les Fauves” and view some of their art:


Clip & Save: "Surge of Spring," by Emily Carr (page 27)

For more information on the life and work of Emily Carr, visit the following websites:

Online teaching resources: (Primary)


Sailing the Seven C’s to Better Painting: Contrast, Part II
(page 31)

Visit the Student Web page connected to this article:


Pop-Art Panels (page 34)

>> Click Here << To download materials related to this lesson

Learn more about James Rosenquist and view some of his work:

Biographical information on Edward Hopper:


Building Bridges One Line at a Time (page 36)

View Joseph Stella’s painting, “The Brooklyn Bridge: Variation On an Old Theme,” 1941:

Famous bridges:

Learn about the Brooklyn Bridge:


Forum: “Oops!” Makes for Creative Opportunities (page 41)

Visit Barney Salzberg’s website:


London: An Art Teacher’s Destination/Inspiration (page 42)

Download the Victoria & Albert Museum’s toolkit for teachers:

See the Tate’s project ideas that link schools, galleries and artists:


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