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April 2010


Additional Links:

Community Connections, Works of HeART: Help for Haiti
(page 22)

For information about the Haiti Houses project created by Florida art teachers Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan, visit:

Art Across the Curriculum: A (Not-So) Private Eye (page 26)

To view René Magritte’s painting, "The False Mirror," visit:

Web pages mentioned in the "Visual Arts" classroom activities:

Clip & Save Art Print: “The Boating Party”
by Mary Stephenson Cassa
tt (page 29-32)

For more information on the life and work of Mary Cassatt, visit:
(Image base of works and short biography.)
(Resource for children from the Metropolitan Museum of Art detailing the life, times and works of Mary Cassatt.)
(National Gallery of Art tour and overview of selected prints by Mary Cassatt.)
(National Gallery of Art tour and overview of selected paintings by Mary Cassatt.)
(Slide presentation of a wide selection of Cassatt’s work, set to music.)

Cassatt’s work was featured on a 1966 commemorative United States postage
stamp, featuring this month’s Clip & Save Art Print, “The Boating Party.” To see it, click here:

To access the coloring page mentioned in the Primary-level “Classroom Use
of the Art Print” activities, click here:

To access the Picturing America Web site mentioned in the Elementary “Classroom Use of the Art Print” activities, go to:

Self-Portraits with a Twist
(page 38)

For information about artist Tim Hawkinson, visit:

Styling Like Monet (page 40)

A short video of Allen Montague finger painting can be seen at:

More about Montague:

Alpha Art … the ABCs of ART "W" - Wonderful Weaving (pag e20)
Click here for additional lesson plans


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