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May 2008


Additional Links:

“Breaking Through: A Project in Relief” (page 22)
To learn more about Red Grooms, visit:
(search: “Red Grooms”)

“Masks with Tribal Flair” (page 24)
To view photos of African masks, visit:

To learn about Africa and the masks of various African peoples, visit:

“Nava Ratna: The Nine Gemstones” (page 25)

To view photographs of and learn more about Nava Ratna, visit:

“Clip & Save Art Print” (pages 27-30)
For a partial recreation and tribute to the famous 1874 exhibition that included Pissarro, Morisot, Degas, Sisley, Boudin and Cézanne, visit:

For more detailed biographical information about the life of Claude Monet, visit the
following Web sites:

To see other examples of Monet’s early work, visit an online gallery of his early paintings at:

The Web site of The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers an excellent analysis of this painting at:

Monet painted many canvases at Sainte-Adresse during 1866 and 1867. For examples of these paintings, visit the following Web site and search for “Monet Sainte-Adresse”:

For examples of the water lily paintings and other late works by Monet, visit the following Web page:

The following Web pages offer excellent information and lesson plans on the life and work of Claude Monet:

“eARTh... it’s got ART: Europe (page 49)

Click here for additional lesson plans

Click here to download a copy of the Art Passport


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