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May 2012


Additional Links:


Learning from Exhibitions: The Art of Video Games (page 16)

Visit these related Web pages:

Watch an interview with the exhibition curator:

Watch the trailer for the exhibition:


Clip & Save: "Russian Dancers" by Malvina Hoffman (page 19)

Learn more about Malvina Hoffman and her work:

(scroll down to “Malvina Hoffman Bronzes at the Field Museum.”)


Sailing the Seven C’s to Better Painting: Character (page 23)

Visit the Student Web page connected to this article:


Beyond Black: The Louise Nevelson Project  (page 24)

View some of Louise Nevelson’s work at the following links:

“End of Day—Nightscape IV,” 1973

“North Floral,” 1976

“Night Flower One,” 1958


Plaster-Wrap Dragons (page 26)

Dragon visual references:


Surrealistic and Under 7 (page 28)

View Salvador Dalí’s “Persistence of Memory.”

View some paintings by René Magritte:
“Time Transfixed,” 1938

“The Son of Man.” 1964

“The Postcard,” 1960


Let Them Eat Faux Cake (page 33)

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