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June 2008


Additional Links:

Learning from Exhibitions: Jim Henson’s Fantastic World
(page 17)

Visit the following links for information about Jim Henson and his creations:

The Jim Henson Works at the Univesity of Maryland:

The Jim Henson Co:

The Jim Henson Legacy:

Ir-resist-able Fish (page 28)

To learn more about the caribelle technique of batik:

Art Across the Curriculum: Color as Actor (page 30)
Visit these links for more information related to this article:

1968 Interview with Josef Albers:

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Education and Outreach, “Josef Albers: Formulation/Articulation”:

Clip & Save Art Print: Edward Hopper, “People in the Sun”
(page 33)

Sources of information on the life of Edward Hopper, some of which
contain images of his work:

View images of Edward Hopper’s art at the following:


“Early Sunday Morning”

“Rooms by the Sea”

The following contain excellent examples of paintings by Edward Hopper:

Volume Index (page 62)

To view the Volume Index online.

“eARTh... it’s got ART: Document Your Doings! (page 39)
Click here to download a copy of the Article


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