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September 2008


Additional Links:

“Introduction to the 2008-09 Clip & Save Art Prints: Times of Day in Art” (pages 24-26)

To learn more about Monet and his Rouen Cathedral paintings:

To view “Separation of Light from Darkness” (1501-04), one of the panel
frescoes from the Sistine Chapel ceiling:

To view “Judith Beheading Holofernes” (1620):

To view Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” (1642):

To view William Hogarth’s painting series, “The Four Times of Day” (1736):


“Clip & Save Art Print: Times of Day in Art / Dusk,
The Croquet Game, by Pierre Bonnard”
(pages 27-30)

To learn more about the group of young painters who called themselves
“Nabis,” visit:

To read the 2006 review of a Bonnard retrospective at the Musee d’Arte
Moderne by writer Michael Kimmelman of The New York Times, visit:

To learn more about Japonism, visit:

To learn more about Pierre Bonnard, visit:

To view and learn more about Paul Gauguin’s The Vision After the Sermon (1888),
which was influential on Bonnard’s art, visit:

To learn more about Japanese Ukiyo-e, or the floating world , visit:

Other Web sites of interest:


“Art Across the Curriculum: Power Play” (pages 32-34)

To learn more about artist Ginny Ruffner and view more of her work, visit:

Listen to the audio interview, “A Charmed Life,” with Ruffner for Weekend
America, March 2006:

To gain an understanding of Marcel Duchamp’s influence on the course of
art history, visit:

Click here to download the article from the June 2003 issue of Arts & Activities,
“From Current Exhibitions: Creativity…The Flowering Tornado,” by Mark M. Johnson.

“Ten Teaching and Learning Strategies in a ‘Choice-Based’ Art Program” (page 36)

For more information about choice-based art education, visit:

“Introducing Art Elements through Literature: It’s in the Bag” (page 43)

Following are some Web sites with information related to this article:

Pages from children’s response journals:
Click here to download a PDF of sample photos.


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