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September 2010


Additional Links:

From "Ugh" to Ahh": The Power of Sketchbooks (page 24)

Click Here To download Art History Sketchbook Assignment

The work sheets are saved as a PDF file so you MUST HAVE Adobe Acrobat Reader (6.0 or higher) to open and read them.
You can get Acrobat FREE from Adobe at the following address:

Clip & Save Art Print, "The Colossal Head of Emperor Constantine I" (page 27)

Image fragments from the colossal statue of Constantine I can be seen at:

3-D Color Wheels (page 32)

Link to resource related to this activity:

Art Across the Curriculum: Park It! (page 38)

Take a tour of Thomas Moran’s work from the National Gallery of Art:

Website of the National Parks Service:

To download a PDF copy of the book, The National Parks: Shaping the System, visit:

See a topographic map of the Yosemite area near Moran’s Point at:

See the Cooper-Hewitt’s image of Half Dome, Yosemite, 1873 online at:

See a current photo of Half Dome from a vantage point very near Moran Point:

View George Fiske’s photograph, “The Domes – from Moran’s Point (Yosemite Valley)”:,id,967748.html

Forum, Thoughts to Share: Reflections On Lesley Dill (page 41)

Visit Lesley Dill’s website:


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