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September 2011


Additional Links:


Introduction to the 2011-12 Clip & Save Art
Print Series: Movement in Art (page 24)

For a lesson on the principle of movement:

Visit the website of kinetic sculptor, George Rickey:

View some of artist Alexander Calder's mobiles:

View a film segment of Jackson Pollock painting:

View "Frieze of Stags":


Clip & Save Art Print, "Flight of Swallows" (page 25)

Watch a video of a flock of starlings in formation over the Tiber River in Rome:

Watch a video showing baby swallows learning to fly:

To view other examples of Giacomo Balla’s work, visit:

View "Swifts: Lines of Movement + Dynamic Sequences":

View "Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash":

View "The Hand of the Violinist":


Integrating the Curriculum, Strengthening Reading in the Art Classroom (page 35)

>> Click Here To Download A PDF Of The Reading Worksheet


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