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October 2012


Additional Links:


Eye-Catching Calacas  (page 18)

Click on the links below to view and download projects related to Day of the Dead
from past Arts & Activities issues:

“The Skeletons Halloween,” October 2010

“Day of the Dead: Gracious Not Gruesome,” October 2007

>> Click Here << To Download Skeleton Parts Handout


Grandma Moses Meets Eric Carle  (page 20)

View two of Grandma Moses’ artworks mentioned:

“Apple Butter Making,” 1947

“Country Fair,” 1950


Clip & Save Art Print, "Thor Fishing for the Serpent of Midgard" (page 23)

A good version of the tale of Thor and the Midgard Serpent — excerpts from “The Prose Edda,” written by the Icelandic historian, Snorri Sturlason (1178–1241) — can be found at:

The 1849 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem, “The Challenge of Thor,” can be found here:


Endangered Species: Real Life in Two Dimensions   (page 30)

Visit the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service’s Endangered Species Program Web page:


Classroom Collaboration: A Quilt of Many Colors (page 32)

Visit quilt artist Eleanor McCain’s website:

Visit the “Dear Ada” blogspot:


Artist of the Month: Johannes Vermeer (page 45)

Learn more about Vermeer and this month’s painting:


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