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November 2007


Additional Links:

“Art Across the Curriculum: Dig It” (page 22-24)

Information about Grant Wood:

A reproduction of the 1932 painting “Arbor Day”:

Information about Arbor Day:

To find out your state’s Arbor Day:

A reproduction of the painting “American Gothic”:

In-depth information about “American Gothic,” its subjects and setting:

Information Grant Wood, by Janet Haven:

“Clip & Save Art Print: “Approaching Storm,”
by Grant Wood ” (page 25-28)

Grant Wood’s lithographs:

Going Back to Iowa: The World of Grant Wood:

Art Access from the Art Institute of Chicago:

Grant Wood’s Studio at 5 Turner Alley:

An explanation of the process of lithography:

Series of lesson plans, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, on
seasonal landscapes inspired by Grant Wood’s lithographs and painted landscapes:

Lesson plan that explains the process of paper-plate lithography:

“Cover Story/Spectacular Achievements: Audubon’s
Animals of North America”
(page 19-21)

Information about John James Audubon and his art:

“Incisive Bird Prints” (page 30)

Information about birds:

“Celtic Knot Block Prints” (page 34)

Celtic Knot Meanings:

“eARTh ... it’s got ART: Collaborative, Symmetrical Butterflies” (page 39)
Click here for additional lesson plans.

“Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Printmaking ” (page 50)
Here is a larger version of placemat diagram from page 50. Sizes and color-codes can be customized to suit your particular art-room needs. (Note: The printmaking placemat mentioned in the article was for printing 6" x 9" plates onto 9" x 12" paper.

Click Here To Download A Larger Placemat Template


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