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November 2008


Additional Links:

Integrating the Curriculum: Presidential Portraits (page 20-21)
To view “The Laughing Cavalier,” by Frans Hals:

To view “American Gothic,” by Grant Wood:

To view self-portraits by Vincent van Gogh:

For information about U.S. Presidents, visit:

Art Across the Curriculum: Off Track (page 22-24)
To learn more about William Hunt Diederich:

To see more examples of William Hunt Diederich’s work:

There are greyhound rescue organizations that help find good homes for retired
racing dogs. They make great pets. Use this URL to find a greyhound near you:

Clip & Save Art Print: “The Nostalgia Of The Infinite” By Giorgio de Chirico (Page 25-28)
To learn more about “Pittura Metafisica,” or Metaphysical Art, the movement created in 1920 by Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carrà, visit:

To view examples of works by Giorgio de Chirico, visit:

On the Art Career Track: Achoo! Printed Patterns for Tissue Boxes (page 35)
To view interesting patterns created by artist M.C. Escher, visit:

To view the current patterns on Kleenex® boxes, visit:


Illustrating Nursery Rhymes (page 36-37)

Visit this online resource for Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes:


Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Printmaking (page 50)

Click here to download Margaret Weinberg’s “placemat” design

This download is saved as a PDF file so you MUST HAVE Adobe Acrobat Reader (6.0 or higher) to open and read them.

You can get Acrobat FREE from Adobe at the following address:


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