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November 2009

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Arts Update (page 8)
For more information about Sakura’s Wonderful Colorful World Contest, visit:

To learn more about Learning and the Brain conferences, visit:

Art Works … when we Compose Together: Poems and Stories Based on Artworks
(page 14)
Click here for lesson samples

Art Elements for Middle- and High-Schoolers: Value (page 18)
Download a PDF of this template

Letter Block Template and samples

The articles are saved as a PDF file so you MUST HAVE Adobe Acrobat Reader (6.0 or higher) to open and read them.
You can get Acrobat FREE from Adobe at the following address:

Art Across the Curriculum: Character & Cane (page 22)

View videos from NOVA about Fractals (a great introduction):

See an interactive drawing of a fern fractal. This site has lots of other cool flash/”math” art, too!:

Mathematical analysis of a fractal fern:

See the entire Cane suite at the Donald Young Gallery Web site:

Learn about Martin Puryear on the Art21 site:

A more detailed description of the edition of Cane by Arion Press can be viewed at:

Entry from MOMA’s collection:

Great San Francisco Chronicle newspaper article about Puryear and the Cane project:

Learn about writer and philosopher, Jean Toomer:


Clip & Save Art Print: Kobayashi Eitaku “The Snowman,”
from “Children’s Games” Series
(page 25-28)

To view one of Kobayashi Eitaku’s paintings representing a classic scene from Japanese mythology, visit:

An excellent visual example of the wood-cut printing process is found at:

To learn more about Ukiyo-e prints:

To learn more about the history of Ukiyo-e color woodblock prints:

To read about the Kano school of painting, visit:

To view images from Kobayashi Eitaku’s “Children’s Games” series of prints, go to:

Sign of the Times: American Sign Language in Contour Line Drawing (page 38)
Two Web sites with reproducible American Sign Language (ASL) alphabets:


Integrating the Curriculum: Art & Literacy (page 40)

Samples of books

Alpha Art … the ABCs of ART: B – C – D (page 16)
Click here for additional lesson plans


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