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November 2011


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Clip & Save Art Print, "A Rearing Horse," Leonardo da Vinci (page 19-22)
Visit the following websites for more curricular content on Leonardo da Vinci:

Following are some online videos showing animals in motion:


Sailing the Seven C’s to Better Painting: Composition II (page 23)
Visit the Student Web page connected to this article:


36 Views of Mount Rainier (page 24)
See Katsushika Hokusai's "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji":


The Circle Block Print (page 26)

>> Click Here << to download PDF's of the handouts mentioned in the article


Our Little Houses: From Folly Cove to Lake Elsinore (page 28)
To learn more about Virginia Lee Burton and about the Folly Cove Designers. visit:

View some of Virginia Lee Burton's textile designs:

Resources related to this article:

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