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November 2012

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Additional Links:


Rainforests and Rousseau  (page 18)

To learn about the rainforest, its plants and its animals, visit the Rainforest Alliance online:

Download the PDF, “Introduction to the Rainforest,” at:
(if link does not work, copy and paste URL into your browser)


Clip & Save Art Print, "A Griffin" (page 19)

For more information about griffins, visit:

Learn more about Greek narrative pottery:

View a lesson plan related to Greek narrative pottery at:


Printmaking with Geometric and Nature-Inspired Forms  (page 26)

Visit printmaker Jennifer Schmitt’s website and Etsy page:


Aloha Shirts (page 28)

Download a PDF showing the laid out pattern pieces for a paper ”Aloha Shirt”:

>> Click Here << To Download PDF


Artist of the Month: Claude Monet  (page 37)

Learn more about the featured art work, “San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk,” also known as “San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight:”


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