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2008 Arts & Activities Magazine Articles

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ITEM article title author issue date subject page
Cover Story: Learning from exhibitions.
Mark M. Johnson
Jan 2008
Photographs by Karsh
Art Across the Curriculum
Tara Cady Sartorius Laux
Jan 2008
Integrating the Curriculum
Diane Shaw
Jan 2008
Corresponding with artists
The Art/Shoe Analogy
Olivia Scott
Jan 2008
Create a piece of visual art that serves as a visual reminder that art is like a sneaker
Dbae at its Best
Cherie Kassan Stone
Jan 2008
Miniature chair maquettes
A Vase of… Sunflowers?
Shilrey Laird
Jan 2008
Plan and create a composition that will reflect the required elements
Burning Secrets!
Sharon R. Gray
Jan 2008
Introduction to conceptual art.
Teaching Art History to Young Learners Melissa Mathews
Jan 2008
Demonstrate an understanding o visual arts as a basic aspect of history and human experience.
Understanding Realistic, Abstract, and Nonobjective Clarence Talley Sr.
Jan 2008
Learn the difference between realistic, abstract, and nonobjective.
Ruckus North Merrick Kathy Cunningham
Jan 2008
Using Red Grooms as an inspiration for life-size caradboard people.
Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman
Jan 2008
Art history/art and cultural appreciation.
Africa Debi West
Jan 2008
Gotta hand it to our artists!
Celebrating the Art of the Ndebele People Barbara Balistreri
Jan 2008
Learn that art is made by people from different times, places, and cultures.
Culture Through Clay Kathleen Ambrogi and Gisele Thijs
Feb 2008
Integrating African traditions into American curriculum.
Stories of the Past Joan Sterling
Feb 2008
Using clay to create three-dimensional pueblos.
Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson
Feb 2008
Jun Kaneko.
Vessels, Peruvian Style Cathy Murray Grigsby
Feb 2008
Learn about the Moche people and their pottery.
Clay for the Kiln-less Laurel Delia-Schurk
Feb 2008
African amulets.
Just Desserts at Art's Diner Geri Greenman Feb 2008 Working with clay and colors to create realistic pieces.
Artful Inclusion Donia Lilly
Feb 2008
President's day or bust.
"Let Me Out!" Pots Karen Skophammer
Feb 2008
Learning more about clay, its properties and such.
Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman
Feb 2008
Our way with clay.
Children's Art Diary George Szekely
Feb 2008
Inventor artists.
Australia Debi West
Feb 2008
Beautiful boomerangs. 41
A030817 Cover Story Kathy Barbro March 2008 Young artist Reni de la Nuez
A030820 Playing with Picasso Debra Tampone March 2008 Learn about Pablo Picasso and cubism.
A030824 Artstically Adaptive Animals Karen Skophammer March 2008 Understanding and using good design, camouflage, and hues/values.
A030834 Cubism with a Scheme Shirley Laird March 2008 Dividing space in cubist style, applying warm and cool colors.
A030818 Hand Stories Judith Fowler March 2008 Hand contours, hand pockets and accordion books.
A030822 Hip Like Haring Robert Graff March 2008 Artist Keith Haring; repitition can cause patterns/movements.
A030829 Art's in the Kitchen Geri Greenman March 2008 Drawing from observation using handy kitchen objects.
A030830 People in Motion Cynthia McGovern March 2008 Discover how the human body bends to display a body in action. 30
A030832 Bridget Riley-Inspired Op-Art Drawings Ronda Sternhagen March 2008 Create your own Riley-inspired op-art drawing. 32
A030836 Playing-Card Self-Portraits Hugh Petersen March 2008 Using software to change a photo image and include drawing. 36
A030850 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman March 2008 Drawing and color media. 50
A030835 Asia Debi West March 2008 Sumi-e sunrise surprises! 35
A040828 Cover Story Annita Shaw April 2008 Finding poetry in art. 28
A040832 Spray-paint Portraits Jennifer Edgley April 2008 Experiment with spray paint to achieve different color schemes and paint efects. 32
A040842 Fabulous Frogs Mark Olson April 2008 Color theory, values/contrasts, background/foreground. 42
A040844 Music and Monochrome Kristin Meyer April 2008 Learn about mixing black and white with a color to create a monochromatic work 44
A040846 Organized Chaos Lisa Arthur April 2008 Learn watercolor techniques, oil pastel blendng, and photoshop skills. 46
A040872 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman April 2008 Painting, composition and color. 72
A040825 Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson April 2008 American Impressionism; paintings from the Phillips Collection. 25
A040830 Quilted Dreams Cynthia McGovern April 2008 Inspired by Faith Ringgold. 30
A040834 Art Across the Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius April 2008 Isis rises. 34
A040848 Why Design? Julie Alsip Bucknam April 2008 Social change one poster at a time. 48
A040853 Children's Art Diary George Szekely April 2008 Brush artists. 53
A040855 Forum Christa Germain April 2008 Art for special-needs students; building a philosophical framework. 55
A040856 Clay Corner David Laux April 2008 Mandala tiles. 56
A040851 Europe Debi West April 2008 Matisse-inspired masterpieces. 51
A050816 Creating Mood with Sculpture Karen Skophammer May 2008 Assembling a sculpture and designing it to create a mood. 16
A050818 On the Art Career Track Jayne Stahlke May 2008 Simulated storefronts. 18
A050820 Recycling Renaissance Paula Guhin May 2008 Building blocks. 20
A050821 Recycling Renaissance Shelly Vance May 2008 Pinatas. 21
A050822 Breaking Through Xanthippi Cynthia Stylianou May 2008 A project in relief. 22
A050824 Masks with Tribal Flair Emily Sandagata May 2008 Use important characteristics of African art while constructing a papier-mache mask. 24
A050825 Nava Ratna Joan Sterling May 2008 The nine gemstones. 25
A050826 Bead-making with Sophistication Nanyoung Kim May 2008 Gain appreciation of decorative arts in various cultures. 26
A050854 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman May 2008 Three-dimensional art. 54
A050849 The Exhibit! Debi West May 2008 Earth… it's got art! 49
A060820 Cover Story Paula Guhin June 2008 Photographic expression… Foto fun 5 ways. 20
A060822 Turtles With a Punch! Cathy Murray Grigsby June 2008 Manipulating crayons and watercolor creating a "resist." 22
A060827 Screamin' for Ice Cream Shirley Laird June 2008 A brief introduction to popart using ice cream sundaes. 27
A060828 Ir-resist-able Fish Joan Sterling June 2008 Using crayn-resist techniques to simulate the batik effect. 28
A060837 Mexican "Sun" in Brilliant Colors Ellen Dargin-Knapp June 2008 The sun as a familiar object in Mexican art. 37
A060824 To the Letter! Geri Greenman June 2008 Experiment with watercolor using letters. 24
A060826 What's Really in a Hand? Karen Skophammer June 2008 Mind over matter. 26
A060838 Children's Art Diary George Szekely June 2008 Award artists. 38
A060866 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman June 2008 School year's end. 66
A060814 Planning a New Art Room Darry Wukeson June 2008 An art teacher's dream. 14
A060817 Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson June 2008 Jim Henson's fantastic world. 17
A060830 Art Across the Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius June 2008 Color as actor. 30
A060839 Document Your Doings! Debi West June 2008 Learning that organization helps in the reflection process. 39
A090822 Cover Story Michelle VanTine Sept 2008 An Art History center in elementary school? 22
A090832 Art Across the Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius Sept 2008 Power play. 32
A090836 10 Teaching and Learning Strategies in a "Choice-Based" Art Program Nan Hathaway Sept 2008 Creative ideas for lesson planning. 36
A090834 Mixed-Media Collage Color Wheel Cindy Callison Sept 2008 Using a variety of media to create a color wheel. 34
A090835 On the Art Career Track Irv Osterer Sept 2008 The hole truth. 35
A090838 The Value of a Good Teacher Pam Carlson Sept 2008 Duplicating a portrait of a valued educator using the assemblage method. 38
A090840 Object Family Tree Nate Greenwood Sept 2008 Drawing objects that represent your family. 40
A090842 Op-Art Line Design Lucy Greinermiller Sept 2008 Learn about op-art using lines and circles. 42
A090854 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman Sept 2008 Back to school. 54
A090824 Times of Day in Art Colleen Carroll Sept 2008 Experiencing different times of day in art, adjusting to different light on a subject. 24
A100817 Learning from Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson Oct 2008 Pulp Function. 17
A100820 Cover Story Xanthippi Cynthia Stylianou Oct 2008 Unique expression through surrealist collage and mixed media. 20
A100822 Integrating the Curriculum Heather White Oct 2008 Artwork that measures up. 22
A100824 Colorful Desertscapes Mark Olson Oct 2008 Learning about atmospheric perspective and proportions. 24
A100830 Op-Art Self-Portraits Christine Dugas Oct 2008 Understanding the impact of color combinations. 30
A100832 Literature in the Art Room Katherine Liggett Oct 2008 Barn dance. 32
A100834 Fun with Coffee on Cardboard Kristine Winters Hamido Oct 2008 Experiment with new media and tools and how to make and use natural pigments. 34
A100850 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman Oct 2008 Paper and collage. 50
A100836 Children's Art Diary George Szekely Oct 2008 Idea artists. 36
A100837 Forum Ruthann Perry Oct 2008 On creative thinking in the classroom. 37
A110818 Cover Story Sandi Pippin Nov 2008 Printmaking: a unit. 18
A110820 Integrating the Curriculum Karen Skophammer Nov 2008 Presidential portraits in pastel and print. 20
A110830 Architecture in the Art Room Joanne Von Sossan Nov 2008 Architectural impressions. 30
A110832 Fish Prints Swimming in a Glittery Sea Ellen McNally Nov 2008 Seascapes and relief painting. 32
A110835 On the Art Career Track Irv Osterer Nov 2008 Achoo! Printed patterns for tissue boxes. 35
A110836 Illustrating Nursery Rhymes Karen Skophammer Nov 2008 Experimenting with relief painting to express individual ideas. 36
A110850 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman Nov 2008 Printmaking. 50
A110829 Zebra Scratchboards Hugh Petersen Nov 2008 Becoming familiar with the grid method of drawing, and Chuck Close. 29
A110834 African Masks Kathy Cunningham Nov 2008 … From scratch! 34
A110822 Art Across the Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius Nov 2008 Off track. 22
A110839 Photographic Expression Charl Anne Brew Nov 2008 A shot in the dark. 39
A120816 Cover Story: Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson Dec 2008 Ancestry And Innovation: African-American Art From The American Folk Art Museum 16
A120820 Make Texture The Star Beverely Dobrin Wallace Dec 2008 Texture landscapes with burlap, onion bags, yarn, velvet, corduroy, sawdust and sand 20
A120822 Aaah… Beautiful Batik Karen Skophammer Dec 2008 Creating and learning about Batik art. 22
A120824 Handwoven Bowls Of Diversity Karla Gearhart Dec 2008 Learn how to handweave bowls. 24
A120829 Artful Inclusion Donia Lilly Dec 2008 Many-Colored Mittens 29
A120830 Kente Cloth-Inspired Weavings Jeanine B. Jones Dec 2008 Create a handwoven fiber-art project 30
A120832 Integrating The Curriulum Barbara Thomas Dec 2008 Civial War Puppets 32
A120835 Foil Magic… Worth Revisiting Cynthia Cox Farris Dec 2008 Creativity to make innovative images 35
A120836 Candy Houses… Yum! Mary McNamara Mulkey and Susanne Malm Dec 2008 Explore the elements of line and textrue with elementry students. 36
A120838 Children's Art Diary George Szekely Dec 2008 Store-Play Artists 38
A120839 Clay Corner Lynn Goff Dec 2008 Ringing In The Holidays 39

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