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A Theme-Based Yearlong Curriculum
      "What Is ART?"
October 2009
      Students created a collaborative “What is Art?” paper collage with strong images.    
      Another fun way to begin the school year is to ask the critical and important question, “What is Art?” I often do this and thought it would be a fun way to begin this Alpha Art curriculum.

Each grade level (K–5) looked through magazines and found images of what they thought art was. Once these images were all compiled, each table would collage these images onto a piece of construction paper, creating a collaborative “What is Art?” paper collage with strong images.

It turns out, our students think art is anything and everything! How exciting is that? These collages were then hung from the ceiling, becoming great visuals for our first PTA night.
      Ask students to reflect on their art and answer the question, “What is Art?”    

1. Students are asked the important question, “What is Art?”
2. Students visualize the different things art can be and begin to look through recycled magazines to find images that depict what they think art is.
3. Students work on cutting skills, cutting the images out neatly.
4. Students work together at each table, gluing the images they have cut out into an interesting composition.
5. Students hole-punch the top and add a piece of yarn and/or raffia for easy hanging. “What is Art?” collages hang from the ceiling throughout the art hallway.
6. Students critique each other’s work, discussing the many ideas and images that come out of such a simple yet important lesson!
      Keeping the installation up all year reminds our students and community what art is.    


Students are asked to reflect on their art and answer the question, “What is Art?” They can either write their own answers or the teacher types their responses and adds them to the installation. This installation stays up all year, reminding our students and community what art is. By the end of the year, students will truly be able to answer this question based on their learning.

With all of the extra cut-out images, have your advanced students or art club collage them into a large art sign to hang in the exhibit!



K–5 students will ...
• learn about the art of collage.
• create a collaborative collage by cutting out images that show what they each think art is.


• 12" x 18" black construction paper
• Scissors
• Magazines
• Glue
• Yarn and a hole punch

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