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      Since 1932, Arts & Activities® magazine has been helping those involved in teaching art to youngsters (K–12) throughout the United States and abroad. Each issue is filled with art activities, creative ideas, information about materials and supplies, techniques and methods that encourage students to explore and experiment with visual art and crafts.

Articles in Arts & Activities® are written by dynamic, talented teaching professionals who have developed and presented their ideas right in the classroom. They have worked the bugs out so that you may benefit from their years of experience and success.

Arts & Activities® is a valuable aid to anyone who teaches art. Arts & Activities® is there to help teachers guide student growth and learning in art with well-illustrated projects, material ideas and examples of a wide range of creative applications. Studio art, art history, art criticism and aesthetics—Arts & Activities® covers all of these important areas.

Arts & Activities® addresses all grade levels—from pre-K through high school—and is used as a text in teacher-education programs at colleges and universities nationwide.

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