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      Color expert Dan Bartges is author of the book, "Color is Everything"
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      Assignment 7 In A Series Of 10      
      "Color and the Clothes You Wear." Photograph by Dan Bartges.      
      Color Scheme: Complementary      
      Dan Bartges. Mrs. C. Pasco. Oil.      
      Color Scheme: Triad      

Q1: Why do each of the three ties go with the blue shirt?

A1: Each tie harmonizes with the blue shirt because they're all shades of orange, creating a complementary color scheme with blue. Please note, however, the tie in the middle could be considered red-orange, and the tie on the right might actually be yellow-orange.

So why do they still harmonize with blue? It's because when it comes to color, your brain's preference is for harmony, so your brain is usually willing to bend the rules a little. If the colors are close to matching one of the six standard color schemes, your brain will often accept the colors as being harmonious.

Q2: What's the color scheme for Mrs. C. Pasco?

A2: It's a triad of orange, green and violet. Look for the subdued violet in her hair, in the shadows of her blouse, along the top of the chair back, and in the highlights of the leaves.

Q3: Regardless of race or ethnicity, every person's skin is the same basic color, just in different shades. What is that color?

A3: The color orange.


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