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      Concept, Composition, Confidence, Contrast, Color Harmony, Character, Courage      
      By Dan Bartges      
      Assignment 8 In A Series Of 10: COLOR HARMONY      
      A standard color wheel features 12 colors, or hues.      
      Illus. A. This side of a color wheel shows how to mix various colors.      
      Illus. B. This side of the wheel is your key to understanding how color harmony works.      
      Two Cherries, by the author, was painted with only the color red,
mixed with some white and black.
      The Piano Lesson, by the author, employs an analogous color
scheme of five consecutive colors on the wheel.
      The two complementary colors, blue and orange, were used for
James River at Dawn, by the author.
      Ducks on Little Wicomico Inlet, by the author, uses the split-complementary
color scheme of red-orange, yellow-orange and blue.

1Q How many color schemes are there?

1A Six.

2Q What is the color complement of yellow?

2A Violet.

3Q Who devised the first color wheel and in what year?

3A Sir Isaac Newton, in 1666.


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